5 Right way to brush teeth teach children

The right way to brush on teeth teach your children because from our childhood, we have been taught to keep the teeth clean, to brush in the morning and to rinse after eating, all these are taught. But even then, many problems in our teeth come because of not brushing properly, because hardly anyone has told us that what is the correct way to brush teeth to keep it clean! after all, how to brush that our purpose of brushing is complete. Let’s know the right way to clean teeth.
5 Right way to brush teeth teach children

The 5 correct way to brush your teeth

1) To keep teeth healthy, you need to brush after eating. But do not brush it right after eating, but clean the teeth after at least an hour so that the enamel after eating can work on your teeth.
2) Brush not only at the time of the morning but also at night after one hour of eating or while sleeping, so that the bacteria do not stay in the mouth and teeth, otherwise, the bacteria can damage the tooth in the night.
3) If you are in haste while brushing and rinse only one or two round brushes, then this method is wrong. Brush for at least 2 minutes and run the brush from the roots of the gum, i.e., from the side of the gum, so that the plaque can be cleaned.
4) Do not emphasize the teeth while brushing, it can weaken their roots and cause tooth pain. Brush with light hands and use a brush with soft bristles.
5) Once a week, clean the teeth with lemon so that their yellowing will be reduced and your teeth will look white and shiny. Also use Vitamin C, Yoghurt, Salad etc., it is beneficial for teeth.

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