Everyday Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Everyday Eye Makeup for Green Eyes | Makeup green eyes are something we should do well if we want to have a natural look and be always the most beautiful and elegant. We are going to tell you, step by step, how makeup should be for green eyes so you can always be radiant.

Everyday Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Makeup green eyes: how to do it step by step

Let’s see the different steps you must follow to makeup green eyes, as well as which are the best colors to choose as the basis of this makeup. Remember that the eyes are a part of the most important when it comes to giving a good image and that is instinctive: we all look at the eyes of people first of all and, if these are striking, by any aspect, even more. And for more help here, check out 7 Best makeup tips for a perfect beauty selfie

1) Eyeshadow: different colors for green eyes

The first step you must take is to use the shade that you like most so that your look is striking. If your eyes are green, the colors you can use with blue, violet or green itself, it sure will be different shades.
To apply the shadow, you only need the small brush that goes with it and you must color the entire eyelid. To delineate this area, you can then take a profiler of the same color or stronger and make a line on the upper part of the eyelid.

2) Apply the profiler in makeup for green eyes

Once you have the eyeshadow applied, it is time to apply the profiler. Use a black color to highlight much more. You will see that it is going to look great regardless of the color of the shadow and that the black goes well with everything.

3) Bottom of the green eyes: how do they make up?

Once we have made the upper part, it is time to think about the lower part. The first thing you should do is apply the profiler to make the line of the eye. It is much better than you do it indoors, but if you can not or it costs you a lot, you can also do it outdoors.
And, to finish, you just have to apply the same type of shadow on the lower part of the eye, but you must be careful because it must be done in a very finite way so that it does not look too much. The mission of this shadow is that the eye looks prettier without you notice the makeup.

4) Play with different colors: perfect makeup for green eyes

You can also play with different colors in the shade, but remember to use them both on the upper eyelid and under the eyes.
The blue and violet colors combine very well with green eyes, so it is important that you have them as preferred colors.

5) Mascara and eyelashes in makeup for green eyes

The mascara is also necessary so that the eyes look more worked and outlined. With the mascara, we can make the lashes look much longer and get, so, that our gaze intensifies.

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